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Find The Differences Android Source Code


Find Differences brings the popular “find-the-difference” image game to Android devices. Users play by spotting and tapping on five differences between two similar pictures. Complete documentation is included with the full source code for customizing the game to your needs.

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  • Supports Android 2.2+
  • Add custom images and specify the differences without programming
  • Customize the number of hints, number of differences, number of errors allowed and number of hints allowed
  • Admob support
  • Unlimited levels
  • Single-player mode
  • Multiplayer mode

Code Example: Adding Images

By default, Find Differences has five pairs of images, which can be found in the package’s assets/images directory. To add more images, just place them in the folder, then go to assets/xml/differences.xml and add an item as below.

<difference x="62" y="233" radius="40">
<difference x="169" y="205" radius="41">
<difference x="322" y="200" radius="24">
<difference x="256" y="113" radius="19">
<difference x="425" y="203" radius="16">

image1 and image 2 are the name and path of images.


Below are the x and y coordinate of a difference in the image, while the radius is the difference’s radius. You can use photoshop to identify these values.

<difference x="425" y="203" radius="16">

Complete documentation is included in the package.

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